River between Us

This is an original oil painting on a gallery wrap canvas ready to be hung. One of a kind. No other copies are available. 


"River between Us"


Painted in  2019. This is a painting of two faces with one being upside down. This is a special effect to have their noses parallel to each other. Visual effect is symmetrical and balanced. "River between Us" is a metaphorical representation of two people being apart, far away from each other physically, or emotionally, or in a life view.  They are distant but they still placed on the same canvas. Which means they are united by being in the same space. That is what keeps them together. 

The choice of segmented abstract (dividing each object into a different segments) came from the stained glass windows I saw in multiple  churches. The idea is to approach each piece individually knowing it is a part of a big picture. Our life is made out of segments small or big that creates a whole picture at the end. Choose the segments of your life carefully so at the end you like the whole picture.


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