Alexandra Yakovleva was born and raised in Russia (former Soviet Union) in the exclave city Kaliningrad. Alexandra studied in Kaliningrad Art school and completed an additional year of Art Master Class in the same Art School. 

During the study in the art school Alexandra exhibited her work in Kaliningrad Art Gallery and Kaliningrad City Hall. She enjoyed the summer practice in the Art school. It was filled with trips to the Zoo, lakes, seacoast, Plein Air, drawings on the historical streets and other fun experiences.

At the age of 21 she moved to the United States and spent almost a decade in a gorgeous South Lake Tahoe until she moved to the City of Trees, Sacramento, in 2016.

Alexandra primary works in oil medium. Her predominant style is a figurative abstract and surreal genre. She uses painting as a language instrument to convey thoughts and life contemplations in a simple form. Her art aims to have a salutary effect on the viewer as well as philosophical reflections. The effect is reached by smooth brush strokes, palette knife applications, hue palette, shapes and chosen subject. Her preference of an abstract and sometimes surreal genre is free from the traditional representation, which gives unconscious a full force to explore.

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