Pawn that wants to be a Queen

This is an original oil painting on a gallery wrap canvas ready to be hung. One of a kind. No other copies are available. 


"Pawn that wants to be a Queen"


Painted this year 2019. I don't know how to play chess. Not sure if I want to learn now. but I am fascinated by the chess figurines and the fact that pawn can become a queen. It gives me a hope for my own life) I mean what pawn doesn't dream to become a queen. 

The metaphorical meaning of this piece is that you must to want  to achieve a higher levels, horisons, climb up a ladder, grow and never stop leveling up yourself in any form you choose. I do prefer to cover both mental and career growth. Ideally it's a perfect scenario. 


I chose this segmented figurative abstract style because I have been sketching and making black and white painting in this manner but never applied it on canvas using colors. This was a breakthrough for me. I love this new style and with stick with it for a while or so until I am ready to move onto another phase in my life.

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