Alexandra Yakovleva2020/01/21

Toning a canvas

I am so ready for a new painting to come to life. Let's start 2020 with a new piece of masterpiece! Wow that was humble!

I have quit my long-term habit of painting on white canvas a few years ago, thanks to Mark Carder videos I came across. He is a realist artist from Texas.

It makes sense to tone your white canvas in order to avoid those white specks peeking at you after the painting is finished. It gives any canvas a good base and a proper start. I usually do a very simple mixture or oil paint of my choice and turpenoid. I tend to judge proportion of turpenoid by eye and like it very runny. For this paticular painting I mixed cadmium yellow with lamp black. I don't use black in the painting itself, but for toning it worked great giving a greenish shade to it. Using a soft brush I just apply one thin coat, I mean very thin. I slighly rub it in, but it is not necessary.  The area in which I am working has a ceiling fan, that gives a proper ventilation.  When the canvas is dry in about 3-4 days, I will use a solf pencil to sketch the desired design on it. I always rely on my thumbnail sketches. 

I currently have it drying hanging on my wall. It looks great as a finished piece of art. Not for a long time.


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