Alexandra Yakovleva2019/12/11

Work in Progress

Painting away my new fresh piece of a masterpiece! Wow how humble, Sasha (short for Alexandra in Russia).  I am wearing my boyfriend's shirt, he can share, he's got a department store in his closet. Interestingly I haven't put a single paint mark on it. Wait till I decided not to wear it and get paint all over my own shirt. 

I prefer working quite speedy and complete a painting within a week max. For some reason stretching a pleasure for weeks is not quite for me, unless I decide on a giant size of a canvas. That might happen. Never say never.

I think one of the seasons I like to paint fast because it is like eating a delicious cake, get it all in one piece in your stomach and then dwell on satisfaction. It is also a desiger to see the complete product before the excitement and focus is gone with the wind. I am not rushing when I paint by any means, no I extend the process with a steady speed. I am in the zone. Focused. I am just going, mixing, painting. 

The technique of taking pictures of work in process is crucial. There is a better understanding of what needs to be corrected or how the piece looks from a simple photo on the phone. I do step back, yes, it has been put into my head since the Art School. That hasn't changed. But a picture on the phone gets a painting in a better focus. It's like looking at the planet from the space. 

I also like to tone my canvas. A light mixture of titanium white and burned umber with turpentine does just fine. No more painting on a white canvas with the fear of white speckles piercing  you. Put that base layer as a sheet on the bed to create a foundation for the main colors. 

Usually I don't listen to any music while I am painting, but there would be an interview, podcast or an art lecture playing in my ear. I need a voice talking not singing. Not sure why but music doesn't get me going with my art. Talk in my ear does. I have been especially enjoying energetic lectures of Jerry Saltz. I wish I could write like him. I wish I could write period. 

That is about it about my Work in progress. 


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